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Where banana diversity defies expectations

Anne Vézina Thursday, 08 April 2021
Menegan 70px
A pre-pandemic visit to Papua New Guinea revealed a rare and improbable edible banana.
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InfoMus@ – Under the peel

Genetic modification of bananas: the long road to farmers' fields

James Dale Tuesday, 08 December 2020
Update on GM bananas and the challenges of developing gene-edited 'non-GM' bananas.
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InfoMus@ – In pictures

A boundless curiosity for bananas

Anne Vézina Thursday, 19 November 2020
On the trail of puzzling bananas with Gabriel Sachter-Smith.
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Update on ProMusa

The ProMusa platform for sharing news, knowledge and information on bananas, with the objective of improving the understanding of this atypical crop, was discontinued in early 2021. The content produced since 2009 will continue to be accessible and open access under the Creative Commons BY license. This means that content can be reproduced by anyone in any medium, provided the source (ProMusa) and, when appropriate, the author(s) are credited (e.g. Title by author(s), published on the ProMusa website on day-month-year).

The databases that used to be managed by ProMusa—Musarama and Musalit—are now maintained by MusaNet.

Thank you for your support over the years and long live bananas in all their diversity.

The ProMusa Secretariat, 8 April 2021