Toward sustainable global production and improved uses

This symposium was organized by ProMusa and hosted by Embrapa, in Salvador, Brazil from 10 to 14 October 2011. Scientists from several countries around the world discussed latest advances in crop management, crop diversity and improvement, and post-harvest and marketing.
2011 Brazil Group Photo
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D.H. Reinhardt and J.A. dos Santos-Serejo
SESSION 1: Crop management
Oral presentations - Theme 1: Cultural practices
T. Dubois, Y. Dusabe, M. Lule, P. Van Asten, D. Coyne, V. Bauer, V. Hoffman, J.-C. Hobayo, S. Nkurunziza, E. Ouma, N. Kabunga, M. Qaim, E. Kahangi, M. Peter and D. Kisii
E.M. Ramos, K.G. Viana Cardoso, K. Sírio Araújo, H.S. Alves Silva, A. Vilar Trindade and F. Haddad
E. Shigueaki Nomura, W. da Silva Morais, E.R. Damatto Junior, E.J. Fuzitani, L.A. Saes, E. Jensen, E.P. Amorim and S.O. Silva
L. Pérez-Vicente and A. Porras
P. Siles, O. Bustamante, E. Valdivia, J. Burkhardt and C. Staver
C. Staver, O. Bustamante, P. Siles, C. Aguilar, K. Quinde, J. Castellón, F. Somarriba, A. Tapia, S. Brenes, M. Deras and N. Matute
Oral presentations - Theme 2: Plant health
Keynote: Control of Banana Diseases (PDF, 572 kB)
Z.J.M. Cordeiro, A.P. de Matos and H.S. Rocha
G. Blomme, M. Pillay, A. Viljoen, D. Jones, E. De Langhe, N. Price, C. Gold, A. Geering, R. Ploetz, D. Karamura, W. Tinzaara, P.-Y. Teycheney, E. Karamura, P. Lepoint and I. Buddenhagen
Systemicity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. musacearum after Inflorescence Infection in East African Highland Banana and ‘Pisang Awak’ in Uganda
W. Ocimati, F. Ssekiwoko, E. Karamura, W. Tinzaara, S. Eden-Green and G. Blomme
P. Lepoint, R. Sibomana, C. Niyongere and G. Blomme
Effectiveness of Agro-Ecological Intensification Practices in Managing Disease Complexes in Smallholder Banana Systems in East Africa
E.B. Karamura, W. Jogo, A. Rietveld, W. Ocimati, C. Staver, D.A. Karamura, W. Tinzaara and S. Weise
Detecting Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Tropical Race 4 in Soil and Symptomless Banana Tissues
M.A. Dita, C. Waalwijk, P. Mutua, A. Daly, P.F.L. Chang, B.M. Corcolon and G.H.J. Kema
Characterization of Musa germplasm for Resistance to Tropical Race 4 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense
M.A. Dita, C. Waalwijk, C. Diaz, A.D’Hont, N. Yahiaoui, F. Carreel, F. Bakry, M. Souza Jr and G.H.J. Kema
Short-oral presentations
A.B. Molina, V.O. Sinohin and B.P. Joven
Vegetative Characteristics of Two Genotypes of the Banana Pome Subgroup under Different Irrigation Systems
S.L. Rodrigues Donato, P.R. Rocha Marques and E. Ferreira Coelho
H.N. Bendini, P.E. Cruvinel, W.S. Moraes and S.H. Modenese-Gorla da Silva
M. Sônego, L.A.M. Peruch and R.H. Hinz
F. Castelan, B. Cordenunsi and M. Chillet
L. Serrano, D. Manker, F. Brandi and T. Cali
J.E. Finger, F.A. Tcacenco, R.H. Hinz, A. Pereira and C.M. da Silva
Why Sustainable Management of Xanthomonas Wilt in East and Central Africa Has Been Elusive
W. Tinzaara, E. Karamura, G. Blomme, W. Jogo, W. Ocimati, A. Rietveld, J. Kubiriba and F. Opio
Comparative Transcriptome Analysis and Genome Assembly of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense
M.A. Dita, R. Herai, C. Waalwijk, M. Yamagishi, P. Giachetto, G. Ferreira, M. Souza and G.H.J. Kema
SESSION 2: Crop diversity and improvement
Keynote: The Musa acuminata Genome Sequence, a New Template for Banana Genetics
A. D’Hont and P. Wincker
Oral presentations - Theme 1: Conventional plant breeding
Keynote: Banana Genetic Breeding at Embrapa Cassava and Fruits
E.P. Amorim, J.A. dos Santos-Serejo, C. Fortes Ferreira and S.O. Silva
R. Ortiz
Evaluation of Pollen Fertility of Diploid and Doubled-Diploid Clones of Mlali and Their Potential Use for Banana Breeding
S. Goigoux, F. Salmon and F. Bakry
Improvement of Cavendish Varieties through Conventional Breeding
J.F. Aguilar Morán
Development of Dwarf Plantain Hybrids with Resistance to Black Leaf Streak and High Yield: Lessons Learnt and Outlooks
K. Tomekpe and L. Sadom
Synthesis of New Interspecific Triploid Hybrids from Natural AB Germplasm in Banana (Musa sp.)
C. Jenny, Y. Holtz, J.P. Horry and F. Bakry
Planet of the Cavendish – Understanding the Domination
J. Daniells, V. O’Keefe, H. Smyth, K. Gething, K. Fanning and P. Telford
Oral presentations - Theme 2: Non-conventional plant breeding
Keynote: Understanding Plant Immunity: Transcriptome Profiling in Musa-Pathogen Interactions Using Next Generation Sequencing
R.N.G. Miller, M.A.N. Passos, F.L. Emediato, V.O. Cruz, C. de Camargo Teixeira, L.F. de Alencar Figueiredo, N.F. Martins, R.C. Togawa, M.M.C. Costa, O. Silva Jr and G.J. Pappas Jr
Keynote: Development of Bananas with Enhanced Levels of Pro-Vitamin A through Genetic Modification
J. Dale, H. Khanna, R. Harding, J.-Y. Paul, B. Mlalazi, J. Kleidon, P. Hoang, D. Becker, J. Daniells, P. Deo, D. Catchpoole, J. Geijskes, A. James, F. Banks, G. Arinaitwe and W. Tushemeirwe
A Cyclind2;1 Ortholog Isolated from Banana Enhances Root Growth
D. Talengera, W.K. Tushemereirwe, G.T.S. Beemster, D. Inzé and K. Kunert
Genetic Engineering of East African Highland Bananas: Unravelling Opportunities for Multiple Genetic Trait Improvement
G. Arinaitwe, H. Khanna, P. Lamwaka, B. Magambo, A. Kiggundu, E. Karamura, J. Dale and W.K. Tushemereirwe
The Biosafety Regulation and Experiences of Conducting Transgenic Banana Confined Field Trials in Uganda
A. Kiggundu, G. Arinaitwe, W. Tushemereirwe, P. Rudelsheim, T. Sengooba, T. Zeweldu, F. Shotkoski, G. Kovacs and R. Swennen
Short-oral presentations
A Simple and Robust Approach for Genotyping in Musaceae
E. Hribová, P. Christelová, N. Roux and J. Doležel
V.O. Cruz, V.C.R. Azevedo, G. J. Pappas Jr, O.S. Junior and R.N.G. Miller
Agronomic and Molecular Characterization of Gamma-Ray Induced Banana (Musa spp.) Mutants Using a Multivariate Statistical Algorithm
C.F. Ferreira, R.K.N. Pestana, E.P. Amorim, V.B.O. Amorim, L.S. Oliveira, J.A. Santos-Serejo, C.A.S. Ledo and S.O. Silva
Analysis of Gene Expression in Musa acuminata during Compatible and Incompatible Interactions with Mycosphaerella musicola
F.L. Emediato, M.A.N. Passos, C. de Camargo Teixeira, G.J. Pappas Jr. and R.N.G. Miller
Transgenic Bananas with Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Race 1
J-Y. Paul, H. Khanna, D. Becker, R. Harding, M. Dickman and J. Dale
Advances in Integrating Conventional and Molecular Breeding to Improve East African Highland Banana Fruits for Pests and Pro-Vitamin A Concentration
W. Tushemereirwe, G. Arinaitwe, P. Lamwaka, A. Barekye, K. Nowakunda, T. Ssali, P. Namanya, H. Khana and J. Dale
Large-Scale Adoption of Improved Plantains: The Impact of FHIA-21 in the Dominican Republic
H. Garming, J. Espinosa, S. Guardia and R. Jimenez
How Can a Network like MusaNet help in Facilitating Exchange of Musa Genetic Resources?
N. Roux, E. De Langhe, R. Domaingue, M. Ruas, J. Thomas, A. Molina, S. Gaidashova, A. Amoncho, M. Dita, C. Town, I. Van den Bergh, I. Van den Houwe, L. Gueco, J.P. Horry and B. Laliberté
SESSION 3: Post-harvest issues, alternative uses, marketing and commercialization
O. Gibert, D. Dufour, M. Reynes, A. Giraldo, A. Escobar and A. González
Keynote: Alternative Uses of Banana and Plantains: Challenges and Opportunities
J.A. Santos-Serejo, E.H. Souza, F.V.D. Souza and E.P. Amorim
Keynote: Just Green Bananas: Towards Full Sustainability of the Export Banana Trade
J.W.H. van der Waal and R.J.R. Moss
Oral presentations
Using Multivariate Analysis in Evaluating Improved Banana Varieties
M.V. Silva Andrade, E.V. Souza, L.A. de Oliveira, M. Souza Ribeiro, M. Damasceno Fonseca, S. Machado da Silveira and E.P. Amorim
R.C.B de Godoy, N. Waszczynskyj, F.A. Santana, S. de O. Silva, M.A. de Sousa Neto, C.A. da S. Ledo and L. A. de Oliveira
Banana Value Chains in Central America – Options for Smallholders in Domestic and Regional Markets
H. Garming, N. Castellon, S. Rajala, U. Grote and C. Staver
Short-oral presentations
Retention of Provitamin A Carotenoids during Post-harvest Ripening and Processing of Three Popular Musa Cultivars in South Western Uganda
B. Ekesa, C. Miroir, G. Blomme, I. Van den Bergh and M.W. Davey
Mycosphaerella Leaf Spot Diseases and Their Effects on Banana Post-Harvest Quality
L. Saraiva, B. Cordenunsi and M. Chillet
D.S. Garruti, M.L. Matias, H.V.V. Facundo and M.A.A. Da Silva
Selection of Banana Hybrids for Ornamental Purposes
J.A. Santos-Serejo, F.V.D. Souza, E.P. Amorim, J.R. Silva Filho and D.S. Costa Jr
L. Clercx and B. Huyghe
Closing keynote: Bananas and Plantains in Latin American and the Caribbean: Current State, Challenges and Perspectives
M. Dita, H. Garming, I. Van den Bergh, C. Staver and T. Lescot
Workshop 1: Musapedia-Towards Developing a Trustworthy Source of Knowledge on Bananas
A. Vézina, R. Roviglioni and I. Van den Bergh
Workshop 2: Future Directions in Musa Genomics and Applications in Genetic Improvement
N. Roux and R. Miller
Workshop 3: Pests and Diseases in Bananas – Projecting the Effects of Climate Change
C. Staver, M. Dita and L. Pérez-Vicente