'FHIA-02' at a glance


Credit: Jeff Daniells
Ploidy level


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Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute


Breeder's code



'Williams’ (AAA) x SH-3393

ITC code


'FHIA-02' is a dessert hybrid that was bred to be resistant to black leaf streak by the Honduran Agricultural Research Foundation (FHIA). Its parentage supposedly includes the Cavendish cultivar 'Williams', but there remains some doubt over whether 'Williams' is the female parent1 .


'Mona Lisa' (Central America); SH-3486 (breeder's code)

Morphological characteristics

‘FHIA-02’ plants can be distinguished by their reddish pseudostem that has no, or very few, blotches, and petiole channels that are fully open2

Agronomic characteristics

Days from planting to flowering: 355.83

Days from flowering to harvest: 129.7 4 , 195.75

Days from planting to harvest: 505.46

Height at shooting (cm): 218.27

Height at harvest (cm):

Girth at shooting (cm): 56.58

Functional leaves at shooting: 10.39

Total leaves at shooting: 10.910

Mean bunch weight (kg): 17.1, 20.7, 21.411 , 28.3 12

Number of hands:

Total number of fruits:

Number of fruits on second hand:

Finger length (cm): 17.6, 18.313 , 21.7 14

Finger girth (cm): 12.0, 12.115 , 14.2 16

Finger weight (g): 116.3 17

Yield (t/ha):

Reaction to diseases and pests

Fungal diseases

'FHIA-02' is considered to be susceptible and sensitive (i.e. negatively affected by) to races 1 and 4 of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense after field evaluation trials in Australia18 .

It is said to be highly resistant to black leaf streak and resistant to Sigatoka leaf spot19 .

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