'FHIA-23' at a glance


Credit: Jeff Daniells
Ploidy level


Genome group



Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute


Breeder's code



Highgate (AAA, Gros Michel) x SH-3362

ITC code


Morphological characteristics

FHIA-23 has a green to light-green pseudostem with more or less abundant dark brown blotches.  The bunch hangs perpendicular to the pseudostem.  The rachis is bare with a slightly arched curvature and the internodes are fine and shallow.  The petiole channel is open with winged margins, is thin and light green on both sides1 .

Agronomic characteristics

Days from planting to flowering: 3342 , 4363

Days from flowering to harvest: 1284 , 1373 , 1492

Days from planting to harvest: 4832 , 5723

Height at shooting (cm): 2882 , 3013

Height at harvest (cm):

Girth at shooting (cm): 702 , 81.63

Functional leaves at shooting: 10.92

Total leaves at shooting: 11.92

Mean bunch weight (kg): 7.45 , 24.43 , 24.8, 27.8, 31.22 , 334 , 36, 42.56

Number of hands: 13.33

Total number of fruits: 2143

Number of fruits on hand: 24.63

Finger length (cm): 17.62 , 23.34

Finger girth (cm): 13.24 , 13.42

Finger weight (g): 123.34

Yield (t/ha): 24.33

Peel (total waste from whole finger, %): 44.54

Dry matter weight (%): 31.1{4

Shelf life (days): 7.64


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