'BITA-3' at a glance
Ploidy level


Genome group



Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute


Breeder's code

TMBx 5295-1


'Laknau' (AAB, Laknau) x 'Tjau Lagada' (AA)

ITC code


'BITA-3' is a plantain synthetic hybrid developed by IITA in Nigeria from a 'Laknau' plantain and a diploid cultivar resistant to black leaf streak1 2 . This hybrid is recorded as a BITA (banana type) in the literature but is actually a PITA (plantain type)3 .

Reaction to diseases and pests

Fungal diseases

Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense)

'BITA-3' showed a good level of resistance to Foc races 1 and 4 at field evaluation sites in Australia1 .

Sigatoka leaf spot (Mycosphaerella musicola)

'BITA-3' developed very little Sigatoka leaf spot during evaluation field trials in Australia for Fusarium wilt, in fields unsprayed for leaf spots1 .

Reaction to abiotic stress


'BITA-3' appeared to be more comprised by cold weather when grown in sub-tropical conditions in Australia, than the synthetic hybrids 'FHIA-01', 'FHIA-18' and 'SH 3640-10'1 .


'BITA-3' is primarily used as a cooking banana2 and it is also made into banana chips in West Africa4 and into wine in East Africa2


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4 Adeniji, T.A. 2005. The effect of fluorescent light and packaging materials on the shelf life of plantain and banana chips during storage. African Journal of Applied Zoology & Environmental Biology 7: 19-22.

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