'FHIA-25' at a glance


Credit: Jeff Daniells
Ploidy level


Genome group



Synthetic hybrid

Breeding institute


Breeder's code

4x SH-3648 x 2x SH-3142

ITC code


'FHIA-25' is a cooking banana that was selected in 1997. It was bred by FHIA to be resistant to black leaf streak.

Morphological characteristics

The plant is short (2.5 to 3 m) and its pseudostem is green to light green with more or less abundant dark brown blotches.

Agronomic characteristics

Days from planting to flowering: 3551 , 416.72

Days from flowering to harvest: 1591 , 201.32

Days from planting to harvest: 518{1 , 595.32

Height at shooting (cm): 289.62 , 2941

Height at harvest (cm):

Girth at shooting (cm): 76.62 , 87.21

Functional leaves at shooting: 10.92

Total leaves at shooting: 11.72

Mean bunch weight (kg): 38.6, 39.2, 41.42 , 52.31

Number of hands: 14.71

Total number of fruits: 268{1

Number of fruits on hand: 21.71

Finger length (cm): 23.2, 25.62

Finger girth (cm): 13.02

Finger weight (g):

Yield (t/ha): 52.6{1

Reaction to diseases and pests

Fungal diseases

Fusarium wilt (Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense)

'FHIA-25' is considered to be resistant to Foc race 1 after field evaluation trials in Australia3 .

Black leaf streak (Mycosphaerella fijiensis)

'FHIA-25' is considered by FHIA to be highly resistant to black leaf streak4 .


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