'Sukali Ndizi'

'Sukali Ndizi' is the name given in Uganda (in the Ganda/Luganda language) to a small dessert banana. The name has traditionally been used to refer to a cultivar belonging to the AB genome group. It has also been classified in a subgroup called Kamaramasenge, a synonym of Sukali Ndizi in Rwanda.

In 2003, however, flow cytometry and chromosome counts on 16 Sukali Ndizi clones collected throughout Uganda revealed that they were triploid, while RAPD markers further suggested that the clones belonged to the AAB genome group1 . As part of PhD thesis, Margaret Onyango confirmed the AAB genome group for Sukali Ndizi. In her proposed classification, Sukali Ndizi is the name of the subgroup for a group of clones that are referred to as Apple bananas in East Africa, whereas Kamaramasenge is one of the cultivars in that subgroup2 .

Spelling variants

Also written Sukali Ndiizi, Sukari Ndizi or Sukari Ndiizi.


1 Pillay, M., Hartman, J., Dimkpa, C. and Makumbi, D. 2003. Establishing the Genome of 'Sukali Ndizi'. African Crop Science Journal 11(2):119-124.
2 Onyango, M.A. 2007. Characterization of east african accessions of Musa AAB 'Apple' and Musa AA 'Muraru' dessert bananas. University of Hawaii, Honolulu (USA). Doctor of Philosophy (Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences). 261p.

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